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“The Florida Association of Health Plans applauds Governor DeSantis’ announcement on efforts to lower drug prices in the state of Florida. We believe it is imperative to have transparency in drug pricing at all levels to rein in costs – including pricing set by manufacturers and advance notice to the state when increasing the cost of drugs. Florida’s health plans are required to fulfill strict disclosure requirements and are regulated by state and federal law, and we would encourage similar transparency across the entire supply chain.
“We echo Surgeon General Ladapo’s sentiments on research and innovation and believe the unnecessary, unjustified and unrelenting price increases year over year on prescription medications should end, and, to that end, support measures requiring drug manufacturers to submit annual reports disclosing and justifying price increases.
“Similarly, we welcome transparency among pharmacy benefit managers. Currently, insurers utilize PBMs to negotiate the best possible rate on prescription drugs, and to prevent fraud, waste and abuse within the system. We also believe it’s integral to have an extensive network of pharmacies available to consumers and comply with network adequacy requirements established by the state.  Floridians should have access to an in-network pharmacy that is close to where they live, which includes a mix of independent and chain pharmacies.  
“We, too, support Governor DeSantis’ continued efforts on the Canadian Drug Importation Program, and urge the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to act on this proposal.
“We look forward to working with Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature on legislation to bring transparency and accountability to all levels of the health care delivery system and supply chain this coming session.”